The Storytellers House

Native American Art

Akhwatsire, Our Family.

Our Family travels and presents Haudenosaunee stories, songs, dances and history. 

An example of the handmade Iroquois effigy pipes I make. I try to put a lot of feeling into each and every pipe as burning tobacco is a sacred act, an act of prayer and thanksgiving, not simply smoking. Among the Haudenosaunee also called the Iroquois Confederacy, the Bear Clan people are the keepers of the medicines. They are, traditionally, the healers, and so this pipe features a bear effigy. 
Some of my belly casts. These are influenced by Mohawk arts, two by splint baskets made in Akwesasne and one by Iroquois clay pottery.
Native American Artist Natasha Smoke Santiago teaching traditional Iroquois / Mohawk pottery at Brown University.
An example of smoking my pottery. 
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Iroquois style pot with four effigy faces and a corn design scratched into it. 

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